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 Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Romania-Latvia (BCCRL)



Founded in 2015, the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Romania-Latvia (BCCRL) is a non-governmental organization, whose main purpose is the promotion of industry, trade, tourism and services of the two countries, not only in their bilateral relations, but also in their international business interests, by supporting economic operators in both countries in their relations with the local authorities and specialized foreign organizations.

The Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Romania-Latvia collaborates with local and central government, as well as with national and regional Chambers of Commerce of both countries and other institutions or non-governmental organizations.

The main goal of the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Romania-Latvia is to provide a professional and social environment for business people from the two countries, by initiating and cultivating collaborative relationships between Romania and Latvia, in the public and private sectors, and also in the economic, social and educational activities.


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